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About “UAZ Owners”

When researching the purchase of a UAZ-452 I noticed that there is a lot of information available on the internet about UAZ vehicles. However, all this information is scattered around non-UAZ specific forums (e.g. forums about soviet vehicles, 4×4, …), Facebook groups, YouTube channels and individual websites.

Because of the specific nature of UAZ cars, UAZ Owners was started to become the internet reference regarding these unique vehicles. Through an online forum I hope we can gather as much information related to these 4×4 cars and share the knowledge of their owners. Interesting information posted on the forums will be reworked into a wiki style part of the website.

Help us create this unique collective knowledge database! Join now. Ask questions. Help others. Share your experiences.

– Niels

UAZ Combi Expedition
UAZ Combi Expedition
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